Stamp Out Depression



About 14.8 million adults in the U.S. are affected by Major Depression. Because of this, suicide is the third leading cause of death for people ages 15-24, and those numbers are currently on the rise. Depression is complicated for the individual suffering from it and their friends and family.

Signs of Depression:

  • Intense sadness
  • loss of pleasure in all or most activities
  • weight/appetite change
  • change in sleep and activity
  • fatigue and loss of energy
  • lack of concentration
  • feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • suicidal thoughts.


If someone has several of these symptoms lasting two weeks or more, they need to see a mental health professional as soon as possible.   Don’t be afraid to get help when you need it. The perfectionist thinking that goes along with depression can often drive people to think that seeing a therapist for depression is a sign of weakness. But in fact, it’s just the opposite. Seeing a therapist means you’re facing the problem head-on and seeking a solution.



Depression can make appreciating the good parts of life hard while making it easy to focus on the bad. So, what can you do if you’re suffering from depression?  A simple way to fight off depression, especially during the holiday season, is to write things you like about yourself. Sometimes depressed people develop a powerful, negative view of themselves because they can only see what they don’t like. Writing down a list of what you like about yourself can help you see yourself in a different, more positive light.


Prepare yourself for the inevitable day when someone chooses to bully you or try to put you down. There is a good chance that you certainly do not deserve this kind of treatment, but it happens to everyone. Think about how you could respond to their jabs in a rational, polite, and reasonable way that will avoid conflict but will let that person know that they are out of line. This will help you to rise above the hurt that always accompanies this type of negative interaction.


It might seem easier said than done, but keeping a good attitude is a great way to fight off depression. If you can keep a positive attitude about beating your depression and honestly believe that it’s possible, you will find that depression isn’t as heavy and hard to lift as it seems.

Develop a “wellness toolbox” to deal with depression:

Come up with a list of things that you can do for a quick mood boost. The more “tools” for coping with depression you have, the better. Apply a few of these ideas each day.

  • Get adequate sleep
  • Listen to music
  • Do something spontaneous
  • Take a walk & enjoy nature
  • Exercise & increase physical activity
  • Pray & meditate
  • Play with your pet
  • Read a good book
  • Watch a funny movie or TV show
  • Do something that makes you feel good
  • Call or email an old friend
  • Recite positive affirmations


Dealing with depression is an incredible challenge. However, even though depression is difficult, there are many options for anyone who’d like to improve their condition. No matter what path you choose, the tips from this article will ensure that you can make the decisions that are best for you.

 Remember seeking help is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength.

***National Suicide Prevention Lifeline***

       (800) 273-8255


Take care of yourself!


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