Who We Are

Agape Empowerment Boutique was founded by a woman for women to provide fashionable bespoke products designed to encourage, empower, and inspire women from every walks of life. We are a privately owned and run business established to bring high-end and affordable products to proud Christians around the world.

Since our humble beginning, we have been focusing on creating a brand that inspires women to look and feel their best while expanding the gospel of God. Today we're fast-growing and evolving into a one of a kind brand dedicated to providing inspirational and high-quality items that preach the word and can form staples in your wardrobe.

Our Products

At Agape Empowerment Boutique, we offer an impressive line of unique, and eclectically designed apparels that communicate love, peace, and light through a clear and concise word of God. From T-shirts, bags, jewelry, mugs, and more, our products are exquisitely curated with quality attention to materials that ensure longevity and comfort of functional clothing.

Our apparels are a reminder that we are ENOUGH. At Agape Empowerment Boutique, we believe God's unconditional love flows through us as we wear clothing that gives him honor and glory! We are the mouthpiece of God, so we strive to enable you - women to walk the word through spiritual and inspirational T-Shirts and accessories that empower and encourage you to live a BLESSED Life.

Our Mission

Since our formation, our mission has been to empower women to attain a great, amazing, powerful, and empowered life. We aim to inspire you to strive for excellence, and boldly spread God's love and word.

Customer Service

Here at Agape Empowerment Boutique, customer's satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. We appreciate you, and our commitment to you is to maintain our promise, while we continuously work to ensure your overall experience is as rewarding as possible!

Click here to join Agape Empowerment Self-Care Group for Busy Women         This group was created for busy women to connect in order to ATTAIN a GREAT, AMAZING, POWERFUL, & EMPOWERED LIFE, through self-care and mental wellness education and tips. The group is also fun, inspirational, spiritual, uplifting, educational, and encourage us to practice self-love which is the highest form of self-care!


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